Nestled amongst the chalk hills of the South Downs: Wiston Estate. Planted in 2006 with the traditional varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier spread across 16 acres.


The traditional Coquard press at Wiston is one of only four outside of France and is unique to the UK. Its large surface area and exceptionally gentle pressing enables extraction of the very highest quality. This is at the heart of Wiston’s winemaking philosophy to maximise the purity of the juice at pressing, followed by minimum intervention in the winemaking process.

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Deep within Wiston's cellars...

Ageing in oak barrels gives rich and distinctive notes

Adventure through the vineyard...

Take a ride on Wiston’s tractor-trailer as it journeys though the vineyard to the winery…

Award-winning sparkling wines

Taste a delicious range of world class sparkling wines