Wolstonbury Chalk sparkling

Wolstonbury Chalk sparkling is an award-winning Reichensteiner sparkling wine from our excellent 2021 harvest.

A dry, crisp and very refreshing sparkling with citrus notes, particularly orange and lemon as well as green apple and gooseberry. A fantastic celebration sparkling but it is also a popular choice for a Friday evening.

Pairs excellently with seafood and goats cheese dishes. Equally delightful enjoyed on its own.

Wolstonbury Chalk sparkling


From the Wine Maker:

Wolstonbury is located at the foot of Wolstonbury Hill, within the South Downs National Park just on the edge of the village of Hurstpierpoint in West Sussex. Wolstonbury's 90 acre farm spans 5 acres of vineyard, 13 acres of woodland and the remainder of the land is managed farmland.

Wolstonbury vineyard is in two parts: the first hectare was planted by hand in 2015 and comprises of 75% Bacchus and 25% Reichensteiner varietals. The other two hectares were planted in the spring of 2021 and consist of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier varietals.

The vineyard enjoys long sun projection through the day, which aids ripening. It is a breezy spot which is good for maintaining healthy, disease free and vigorous vines. Wolstonbury Hill to the south provides a consistent protection from the sea breeze coming from the English Channel as we sit 6 miles inland.

Wolstonbury is not blighted by late frosts here; the cooler spring temperatures in the day thanks to the airflow across the vineyard mean that bud break comes after the frosts have finished and the land we use for the vines is high within the farm so there are no frost pockets to catch us out.

Soil consists of chalk and we sit predominantly on the West Melbury Marly Chalk Formation.

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