Couples Pilates Session




Wines, cheeses and tasty things have an annoying habit of making you feel guilty..  We have the cure!


A very popular class!
Allows yourself and your partner to workout together in the comfort of your own space, using mutually beneficial exercises. Held at a convienient time to yourselves.


Hi, I am Halleli and welcome to the pilates collective 🙂

My aim here at the Pilates Collective is to create a peaceful space for our Collective members to practice fitness through Pilates using elements of Yoga combined with stretching exercises targeting specific muscle groups in order to strengthen and maintain core body strength.

Also that people can come and feel part of an online community that shares similar passions for health, spirituality and well-being.

I use elements from my training in ballet and movement skills, combined with my acquired pilates and yoga knowledge to create inspiring and unique lessons.