Ridgeview wine estate

Nestled amongst winding county lanes… 

Located within the beautiful South Downs National Park, Ridgeview Wine Estate.

As you approach you will be greeted by a smart, modern winery set against the stunning vineyard and the picturesque South Downs. Your host will take you through the history of Ridgeview and the process of making traditional-method sparkling wine before showing you Ridgeview’s state-of-the-art wine making facilities.

Established in 1994 by Mike and Chris Roberts, Ridgeview’s sole focus is the production of the highest quality sparkling wine through continuously investing in state-of-the-art specialist equipment. All aspects of production are performed onsite, from pressing the grapes to bottling, riddling, disgorging and labelling their wines.

Ridgeview’s philosophy of ‘as little interference as possible to make the wine as pure as possible’ is testament to the quality of their wines and their consistent success at international competitions.