Springs' Smokery

A traditional artisan smokery situated in the shadow of the South Downs…

Hidden along the country lanes at the base of the South Downs, Springs’ Smokery has been creating artisan smoked salmon since 1964. 

Springs hand fillet their salmon, cure with dry salt, then hang in traditional kilns. The salmon is then very slowly and subtly smoked over whole oak logs for up to thirty-six hours. They adhere to the time honoured principles of refusing to use flavourings, colourings or brines in any of their smoked products. 

With a reputation for the finest quality smoked salmon, Springs’ has a long list of top customers including British Airways First Class, EL Al, Harrods and Selfridges, as well as being requested by top restaurants in London and the South East. 

On our Sussex Smoked Salmon & Vineyard Tour, you will learn about smoked salmon and see all the processes involved from filleting, curing and smoking. After your tour we will have an extra special tasting plate for lunch paired with an award-winning Sussex sparkling wine. After our visit to Springs, we head to a local Sussex vineyard for an expert guided vineyard and winery tour, where you will learn about English wine production from grape to glass, followed by a tutored wine tasting. See our Tour’s menu for more details!